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Excelsior is the Annual flagship event of Mark-it. It is a cross-university Management-cum-Marketing conclave, which revolutionizes the way marketing is perceived by students. With four major competitions that test the managerial acumen of college students, this fest promises to be like none other.

The USP is its national-level outreach, inviting participation from universities and colleges all across India like St. Xavier’s, Kolkata, NMIMS, Mumbai and Christ University Bangalore to name a few. Excelsior 2022 witnessed the advent of this national realm and Excelsior 2023 is ready to push this to a greater extent. Excelsior 2023 is set to bring out the true potential in its participants this year. It guarantees to redefine what it actually is to be called one of the Biggest Management Conclaves in India with innovative marketing techniques, mind-boggling events and a huge footfall.

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